Slice of Life: Okay, Let's Talk. True Pandemic Confessions 9 of 31

Friends, this isn't any lunch, it's a tortilla sandwich. I'm sure there's probably a better name for it. It's one of the many fun discoveries I made in the last year.

There's a lot that has surprised me about this last year. If anyone would have told me I wouldn't go inside a grocery store for a most of the year, I wouldn't have believed them. If anyone had said your family won't gather at Christmas, I wouldn't have thought it could happen. There's a lot I didn't see coming.

However, what I really didn't see coming was Tik Tok. Yep, Tik Tok. My sister-in-law first introduced me to Tik Tok a few years ago. I just didn't get it. "The dances are fun to watch," she assured me as she randomly scrolled through some favorites. I didn't get it. 

Then came the pandemic. I was bored in the house and in the house bored. (Some of you know what I did there.) I had put together puzzles, cleaned drawers, and made new recipes. Reading was a challenge with the amount of screen time I was spending at school. 

You know how it is, you do some crazy things in a pandemic. One day I just decided to download Tik Tok. Talk about distraction therapy! It wasn't long until I was watching Tik Tok's newest dance crazes, finding favorite people, and watching new artists. I was learning easy life hacks and discovering must-have items.

Several months in, I seemed to stumble upon recipe Tik Tok. That was a whole new rabbit hole as I watched new recipes made in, what appeared to be, under a minute. Tik Tok seemed full of kitchen rebels and I was hooked.  

Here are some of the best things I discovered on Tik Tok.  

  • Plopping my curls:  Who knew wrapping hair in a t-shirt and letting it try would help reduce the frizz in curls? It's easy and low maintenance. It was my go-to in the summer months of lockdown.
  • Egg sandwiches - the easy way:  Game changer! I had always made the egg and then put it on the sandwich, but I started watching people add a tortilla, bread or biscuit in the pan while the egg is still cooking. The tortilla (or bread) sticks to the egg. Magic!  
  • Speaking of tortillas - how about that tortilla fold:  Tired of packing the same lunch? I loved the hack of taking a large tortilla, cutting it halfway to reach the center. Then, considering each fourth of the tortilla, I add sandwich items. One of my favorites is to combine chicken breast, spinach, avocado and cheese. Add a little salsa, fold, and quickly grill.  (I've also tucked them into the toaster to heat.). Brilliant! There are so many variations. 
  • Lights anyone?:  Our kitchen could use a little counter light, but who wants to install those?! Well, thanks to Tik Tok I learned that you can purchase rechargeable lights to easily place under your cabinets. When I walk by - light. When I cook - light. When I clean - light.
True confessions.  The pandemic created a Tik Tok obsession for me, but look at all I learned.  What's your pandemic confession?  

It's March and I'm diving back into the March Slice of Life Challenge!  Buckle in!  This will be my 8th year joining the community (though I must confess to a two year break).  Yep, some of the writing will be messy.  Honestly, most of it will be messy.  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm excited to dive back into the madness.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting.  


  1. I love everything about this post, Cathy! While I haven't jumped on Tik Tok yet, my children certainly keep me updated. My son even sent me a recipe of a pumpkin pie oatmeal cup that I've love, so I can see how you'd get addicted! By the way, I love the title. I might have to journal about my own pandemic confessions. =)

  2. This is so funny! I haven't fully embraced Tik Tok, but my daughter, Libby, loves it and has tried to get me hooked. My pandemic confession right now is admitting that I watched and loved Cobra Kai. Ha. Great post!

  3. Oh my gosh! I had no idea! My sixth graders watch TikTok endlessly, but I didn't know there were recipes and other things, I thought it was just music and dancing. I might have to check it out. The sandwich on the tostada sounds delicious!


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