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Today's Slice: Discovery

Delving into my One Little Word, DISCOVER, for today's Slice of Life .  Thankful for a day of cold to sit by the fire and write.  The patio is no place to be today!  Stop by the host site to read more posts or join the conversation.   photo via Volume 25 blog During the beginning of January I enjoyed reading about everyone's One Little Word finds.  I was having so much fun I decided to round up the posts of other bloggers to see which words had been chosen .  It was Michelle Nero's post about her word that really made me realize I needed to think a little more about my #olw, DISCOVER . I'm in an interesting place.  For the first time since I can remember I have more time.  My oldest is teaching in another state, my middle is busy with college (yep, another teacher), and our youngest will leave for college in the fall.  All of this time makes it easy to invest more time into my teaching which I truly love, but I also know I need to set limits.  I need to fin

Poetry Friday: Seasons from Now

It's Poetry Friday.  Today's event is hosted by Donna at Mainely Write .  Stop by for more links to great poetry. Seasons from Now The bulb was planted seasons before deep into the ground. Warm dirt surrounds it, keeping it warm, providing protection. Since then it has snowed, rained; the sun has risen and set many times. Patiently we watch the soil for the stem to peek through the earth blanket. Waiting, hoping, as seasons change. Ultimately the bulb will decide when to rise. © Cathy L. Mere

What? It's Cold Outside?

Today's post is part of the  Slice of Life  roundup at  Two Writing Teachers .  Stop by for links to many great slices or, better yet, join the fun by linking your own piece.  Thanks to all for hosting. In case you haven't heard, it's cold outside.  It's true, a good portion of the United States is under the coldest freeze in many many years.  If you just take one step outside, your breath just gets taken away.  I'm guessing a hundred years ago people went outside to figure out how cold it was.  In today's world, you don't have to leave your house to know it's cold.  There are all kinds of media and gadgets to tell you in case stepping outside isn't enough for you to know.  For today, here are a few ways you know it's cold outside if you can't figure it out yourself. Turn on Your Television:   Those sharing the forecast are happy to build the drama of the cold.  They'll teach you about the polar vortex.  Show you maps to help you kn

Celebrate Family

Today I join Ruth Ayres as she hosts this week's celebrations at  Ruth Ayres Writes .  Stop by to read her post and follow the links to other celebrations. The Christmas season gives us plenty to celebrate.  Today I'm celebrating FAMILY. Customize a picture slideshow

Poetry Friday: Evergreen

It's Poetry Friday.  Today's event is hosted by Betsy at I Think in Poems .  Stop by for more links to great poetry. Picture by Cathy Mere Winter Royalty The evergreen, once overlooked, stands tall, regal. Its emerald needles a perfect contrast to the winter white of the ground below. Its branches, covered in soft ivory snow,  the envy of surrounding trees whose dresses of  green, scarlet, gold  long since turned to brown then swept away in gusts of wind. Now it is the evergreen, disregarded in the hot days of summer, poised proudly. No longer hidden  among the beauty  of the mighty oak, the tall maple, or the graceful willow. The mighty pine now stands for all to notice, its branches gently waving in the breeze, ever reigning, ever magnificent, ever majestic, evergreen. © Cathy L. Mere