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Happy New Year: My One Little Word 2022

Ready or not, here it comes. Hello 2022. I'd like to say I'm excited about a new year, but the last two have made me somewhat cautious.   When I was a kid, my great grandmother had a cottage that was just a quick walk from a lake. My brother and I used to venture to the end of the road and sit on a large concrete slab that had been placed by the water. One of my favorite things to do when we were there was pick up rocks and throw them into the water. I could throw rocks and watch the ripples for hours. In that time, I learned that the size of the rock wasn't the only thing that determined its ripple. In addition to size, the shape also could impact the ripple as could the way it was thrown.   I carried my love of watching ripples in water to most any creek, pond, lake or river I visited. I'm not sure if it was the throwing of the stone, watching the ripples that resulted, or the actual quest for the perfect stone that I enjoyed the most. Of course, throwing rocks into a