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Goodbye Christmas

The stockings are gone from the mantel.  The tree is no longer glistening with colored lights in the corner of our living room.  The last of the boxes have been packed and are ready to be tucked away into the basement. It was another year of great celebrations.  My older kids were home from college; and we had lots of family in from all over.  We ate, played games, celebrated the Christmas story, and remembered Christmases of long ago. I am truly blessed.


We have spent much of New Year's working on puzzles.  It has been a quiet way to bring in the new year.  (Now I have discovered a Blogger app that lets me post from my phone.  Sa-weet!)

Do I Dare?

Well, I've had my sauerkraut so, like everyone else, I'm thinking of how I want to make 2012 even better.  Last year I was tempted by the 365 day challenge.  A photo a day sounded like a reasonable goal, but I only lasted 58 days.  There was a point where I fell behind on updating.  Then I had to decide; do I catch up or keep up?  So I quit trying to post to this blog. So it's a new year.  Do I dare to try again?  I know myself well.  I'm not one to make resolutions in the New Year.  I don't always stick to them.  It's not that I'm not always trying to improve, and I do set goals, but life gets busy.  Since we are running low on data for our internet plan (college students coming home can pull some serious data...and I'm a bit of data hog myself), I started learning some of the features of my phone.  It appears that I can send a photo directly to this blog through Picasa.  If this is true, maybe I'll give it another try.   However, I'm not com