Slice of Life: Savor Summer

Today I'm joining a Slice of Life hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  Stop by for links to this amazing community of writers. 

Recently Jill Fisch posted this on her Facebook page:

Jill Fisch's new blog:  I Notice, I Wonder

For me, summer hasn't been slow.  It's been busy.  Though I've been out of school since the beginning of June, it wasn't until July 16th, that my professional work took a bit of a break.  Every week since school ended I've been involved in meetings, professional development sessions, completing work related to school, and catching up on professional reading.  Now, granted, the schedule has been a bit more slowed, but it's still been full of professional work.  Finally on July 16th, I decided I was able to find the time for a two week break (sort of).  

In one of those paused moments in the last few days, Jill's post caught my attention as I read …. "to recapture that relaxed, slow feeling of summer in the middle of the school year."  On her new blog, she is sharing pictures of little moments in life she is able to enjoy in the summer because she takes the time to slow down to notice and wonder.  Just reading her post made me slow down a bit and take a nice deep breath.  It reminded me to slow down a bit in these next few days to take time to notice and wonder.  

As I looked through my photos, I realized that even in the busyness of obligations, I was able to find little moments to slow down and savor summer.  In the coming days I plan to do much more of this, but I hope to remember that it is possible, even when I'm busy with school, to find moments to slow down to savor.  

I've been wanting to play with Animoto so here are few of the moments I've savored in recent summer days.  Thanks, Jill, for the inspiration - and new lens.  

My Video


  1. Nice! I'm going to have to try this, Cathy. It's been a busy summer for me, too - but vacation starts July 27th. and I will truly savor summer for two weeks starting then.

  2. I take so many of my photos hoping to capture the emotion of the scene. I have lots of "relaxed" and "deep breathing" photos in my camera right now! Lisa

  3. I feel the busyness of summer too Cathy! I am slowing down for the next week! I will have to-roughing it with Kam at Boyscout camp...thanks for sharing the reminder to savor relaxing moments of fresh air! Breathe deeply as needed...

  4. Animoto seems like a great way to savor summer. I have never tried it, but you make me want to give it a shot. I'm having one of those every minute full of work summers too.

  5. I'm like you. My PD began the first day after break and didn't stop until the third week of July. I loved your Animoto. I think I will do that too!

  6. Isn't Animoto fun? I feel like my summer has been crazy busy, too, but looking back at photos definitely makes you realize there have been wonderful moments. I love the idea of relaxing through photographs.

  7. A great reminder. I too have had a busy summer. I've had to force myself to stop and relax as well. : )

  8. Thanks for the glimpse of your summer - and the reminder about Animoto and how great it is. Here's to finding those moments to savor all school year long.


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