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One Day Closer

Today I'm joining Slice of Life Tuesday hosted at Two Writing Teachers .  Thanks, Ruth & Stacey .   This morning I placed the duffel in my car trying to commit to going to the gym. This afternoon I tried to think  of a million reasons I couldn't go. I tried to change the plan. Too tired. Too much work.  Need to be home. Need to cook dinner. Should read. Should write. This evening I jumped in the car the duffel  with shoes tucked  neatly inside reminded me of the commitment. One day closer to a new habit.

One More Day

Today my grandfather would have been 100.  As a child I was always quite sure he would live to be 100, but life didn't quite work out that way.  Aren't superheroes supposed to be around forever?  I always think of Grandpa this time of year.  You see, Grandpa and I nearly shared a birthday.  He was born on the 22nd of January, and I arrived many years later on the 23rd.  For years we'd share birthday cake my grandma had prepared, take turns buying dinner out, and celebrate our birthdays together.  I consider myself fortunate to have celebrated so many birthdays with him.  Today I remember him with this poem.        Dwight Pierce: January 22, 1913 - December 12, 2001 time slips by quickly we are left  holding onto the memories  we've captured like treasure buried deep within us... One More Day What I wouldn't do... for one more day in his workshop sawing, hammering, and straightening wire his patient explanation helping me to learn for one mor