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Poetry Friday: How Many?

It's Poetry Friday.  Stop by Teacher Dance , where Linda Baie hosts today's roundup.  Thanks, Linda. How Many? The door opens. I step outside greeted by the sunrise - again. I don't know how many suns, how many moons, how many times, I've looked at the sky. Sunrise or sunset. Morning or night. Mid afternoon as clouds dance across the sky. Every single time, my breath catches. I stop; caught in the moment. Each sky a new masterpiece, painted hues of possibility. I don't know how many times I've marveled. I only know each sky a gift. © Cathy L. Mere, 2014 Over at Today's Little Ditty , Michelle has been talking about zenos.  J. Patrick Lewis has challenged everyone to give them a try.  I've tried and found them to be much more challenging than I imagined. Here's a few attempts. A few sky zeros... The morning sky begins to shine pink, purple, red, so I glance at painted sky. Colors dance. This masterpiece,

Poetry Friday: A Gentle Hello

It's Poetry Friday!!!  I'm honored to be hosting today's link up of beautiful words.  If you're joining us, please leave your link in the comments.  I will be back later in the day to move links up into this post.  In the meantime, be sure to visit the comments to find links to more poetry finds.   A Gentle Hello Out of nowhere you appear. I wasn't expecting you; not today. It has been awhile since you stood near the door strong and tall  greeting me as I entered;  assuring me you would still be right there upon my return. That was long ago. Days have turned to weeks. Weeks to years. Though time has passed I haven't forgotten you. Sometimes it's a comment, a picture, a smell.  The song of a bird. The rush of the wind. The bloom of a flower. Taking me back to the days when you were always there. Without warning here you are again. A gracious gift.  An unexpected surprise. A gentle hello. Making

Lessons Learned: A Tribute to Mr. Conway

It's Tuesday so stop by  Two Writing Teachers  to join  tonight's link-up and conversation .  There's something about moving from blog to blog to savor the little stories that make us smile.   via Personal Excellence blog As a teacher, I always wonder what my students will remember about me.  My hope is always that students will see their light reflected in my eyes; that I will in some way help them to see all that they can be.  In my years as a student I was fortunate to have many teachers who touched my life in different ways.  I like to think each one played a part in shaping the person I am today.  Today I stay in contact with many of these teachers who helped paint my childhood in possibility. Today I came home to the unfortunate news that one of my teachers just passed away.  It was sad to hear that my fourth grade teacher had lost this last battle, but he had triumphed so many times before.  Though he will likely never know it, he taught me much.  When I thin

Book or eReader? What's Your Poison?

It's Tuesday so stop by  Two Writing Teachers  to join  tonight's link-up and conversation .  There's something about moving from blog to blog to savor the little stories that make us smile.   "Don't sit too close to the television," our parents warned as if our eyes might fall out or rays might soak into us.  Maybe both things happened, but I seemed to make it through a childhood of mild television watching with few, if any, symptoms as a result.  It's interesting to live on the cusp of new technologies.  What did people think as they watched the first car owners drive past their homes?  Imagine the disgust as televisions began to replace radios.  What were they saying when computers first found their way to our desktops?  What about that hard rock-n-roll music that was sure to doom your soul? With any new technology or discovery there are gifts and concerns.  The eReader is no exception.  I had to laugh this week as my friend, an avid book holder, s