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Cooling Off

the sun beats down, hot on our shoulders. the air stands still, heavy, as it has for days. we turn it on. creak,        creak,               creak. the handle groans. the long serpent hose comes to life. soon cool relief sprays from small metal holes. we jump up and down expectantly waiting on the icy water to come to our side. spraying to ease the heat. finally it turns toward us. shouting with glee we race through the pulsating liquid. the sudden change of temperature providing respite. shivering we stand on the other side. the sprinkler, noticing we have run away, turns toward us. psh,     psh,         psh. it calls in warning. we dance in the grass, holding our breath, anticipating its chilly return in our game of water tag. teeth chattering, we spend hours, laughing, playing, in the afternoon heat. the gentle back and forth of our garden sprinkler is all we need for now. © Cathy L. Mere