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Slice of Life Challenge: And So It Begins

Last year, I hosted a dedicated group of writers  for the Slice of Life Challenge.  Thirty students took the challenge, and we met each Tuesday as we tried to write every day during the month of March.  This year, I'm planning to host a group of students again.  I know my obligation to them will keep me going when the writing gets tough and I want to quit.   The buzz has been fun.  I've listened to students talk to each other about the challenge, recruit their friends, and pick up forms outside my door.  I've talked with students who joined me last year, and new students considering joining us.  We knowingly understand the challenge and we're ready again. This is just one example of the conversations happening in our building right now.   Walking out of my door, I see L paused with her arms crossed.  She's staring reflectively at the folder hanging near the window, "Join the Slice of Life Challenge" it reads. "Hi, L," I say as I not