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Slice of Life: When You Can't Decide

I'm a terrible decision maker.  There are just so many possibilities in this world, I don't want to have to decide.  It's the reason I say I will cook, but I dislike having to choose what we are having for dinner.  It's the reason I am always reading at least three books at a time.  It's the reason getting dressed each morning is a dreaded task.  Decisions, decisions, decisions. This evening I was gathered with friends on the patio for dessert.  It was the perfect night, minus a few mosquitoes, the temperature was just right, daylight stayed late, and the conversation was delightful.  After chatting over tacos and salsa, we left the table to get some dessert.  As we gathered around the kitchen counter, two glorious pies were lifted from their containers.  Oh no, two pies?!?  Decision time.  The first pie was a strawberry pie with whip cream swirling across the top.  Who can resist a strawberry pie?  Especially in June when strawberries are at their best. Out c