Poetry Friday: Make It Memorable

It's Poetry Friday!  Today I thought it might be interesting to try to write a poem companion to my Slice of Life post:
What Kind of Road Tripper Are You?  Today's roundup is hosted by Susan Bruck at Soul Blossom Living. Stop by to enjoy some poetry and/or leave a link. 

Make It Memorable 

Maybe you're a mapper:
months in advance
planning with precision,
path decided,
stops prepared,
places arranged.

Perhaps you're a chiller:
place predetermined,
savoring slow mornings,
days lazing by the water,
the goal -
rest and relaxation.

Maybe you're an explorer:
willing to follow 
wherever the road may take you,
wondering what awaits,
ready for adventure.

No matter your preference
you will find pleasure
in the journey. 
Pack your suitcase,
find your road,
make it memorable. 

© Cathy L. Mere, 2021 


  1. I love this! It makes me think you're preparing for retirement travels. :-) I'm somewhere in the middle of a mapper and a chiller. Can you be both? I love to plan, but I also love to relax!

  2. I love this! I think I'm somewhere between a chiller and an explorer! And I love that you are writing poetry in your retirement!

  3. It's great, Cathy. I am ready to "be" any of those things if only we could find a way. I'm hoping for a great summer trip!

  4. Good to see you at Poetry Friday, Cathy. I am on a new life journey that was prearranged but oh so wish that I could be a chiller. The life move is a bit overwhelming now so a chiller lifestyle would take the edge off. Thanks for offering a poem to ponder.

  5. I'm ready for a road trip adventure, a safe one, soon! Thanks for your poem that got me wondering what sort of traveler I am, and a summer road trip.

  6. I'm a happy traveller, no matter the mode. Thank you for this lovely poem, I think I probably fit several of the descriptions, it seems to change with the passing of time and the situation.

  7. Fun! I don't know - I think I've fallen into all three categories at different times.

  8. I enjoy a little bit of each of these.

  9. What a fun poem! I think I've forgotten, in the last year, what kind of traveler I am. I'm looking forward to rediscovery! :)

  10. What a great idea to let your slice inspire your poem. I love planning trips. To me, it adds to the anticipation. Hope we're all able to travel more in the near future.

  11. Hi Cathy,
    Don't think we've met but I have been around Poetry Friday for a number of years but not much of late though I peek in now and then. However, I love it and miss it when I don't get to read all the great offerings. I enjoyed your poem a lot and think it really gets at the idea of how different styles play into traveling. My husband and I are Mutt and Jeff of the travel world. To him any journey has to be for a purpose. A being the operative word. I can't imagine going far away to see a friend and then not making a journey out of it exploring on the way and the way home. My parents took us on summer trips so I think it is ingrained in me. In the end we compromise on things, but I have to twist his arm. I was an elem teacher for years and years. Retired but still sub (not during Covid). I don't have a blog but I am a poet and poetry advocate.
    Janet Clare F.


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