Slice of Life: The Hits 31 of 31

Every year when it is time to decide about Slice of Life, I start by telling myself I'm not going to do it. Of course, it isn't long until I start to look back over old posts and realize all that would have gotten lost had I not participated. Across the years I've learned that out of 31 days of writing, usually a few pieces bubble to the top. Some bubble up because of the sweet memory. Some because of the writing. Some just because. Here we are at the end of 31 days so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from the month:

1. Slice 22 Writing Inspiration: This post was fun to write as I really enjoy discovering books about writing. If I wrote as much as I like to read books about writing, well...ha! What I loved most about this post was the comments left by others. I appreciated all the other book possibilities that were shared!

2. Slice 3: Nostalgia with Touch of Modern:  This was a fun slice to write. I mean, how many people have purchased a clock radio lately?  Bahahaha.  This would be one I'd like to go back to and work with a bit. I tried to weave in some GenX lingo, but it needed to be earlier in the piece and there are a few spots where the clarity might be hard for the reader. The dialogue and repetition make it read quickly. Of course, the memory of his purchase is a good one to have captured. 

3. Slice 24: Babies Have a Mind of Their Own: Speaking of memories, I'm glad I captured this one of the day at the zoo with my youngest daughter. (Update: We've been walking and walking, as of this morning we are still waiting on this baby.) 

4. Slice 25:  What Kind of Road Tripper Are You?: In this piece, I tried to bring comfort to my fellow travelers who maybe don't plan their trips in great detail. I wrote about three different types of travelers. Creating these arbitrary names and categories was a good time. Of course, the comments were even better. I appreciated hearing about people's travel preferences. The post made me want to hit the road!

5. Slice 15:  Meal Service Anyone?:  It's always a nice challenge to try to take something mundane and make it a bit interesting. In this post, I tried to weave the pandemic challenges, a little repetition, and a story about caving to a meal service. 

As always, thank you to Two Writing Teachers for bringing this community together. It was the perfect distraction to lead me into retirement. As usual, my favorite part of the challenge was visiting blogs. The writing! There were several pieces I added to my Slice of Life Pinterest collection (see sidebar). I enjoyed finding out more about particular community members, learning from your craft moves, and being inspired by your topics. 

In April, I plan to keep the writing streak going as I join The Poetry Friday Community by writing a new poem each day. I am sure I will see some of you there!

Here's a preview:

March Goodbyes

March says goodbye.
Its stories
tucked safely away.
Days longer.
Grass greener.
Flowers begin their dance.

April peeks 
around the corner.
Its JOYS waiting.
Its stories still to come.
I sit by my window and watch.


  1. I love this post! I didn't get to read many of your slices this year -- so many slices to read, but so little time -- but I truly appreciate the fact that YOU are the one who got me into this writing challenge in the first place. I have learned so much about writing and about myself because of it, and for that I'll always be grateful! Thank you for your comments on some of my writing pieces, too; you are a wonderful teacher. (And you're retiring?? We really need to catch up!) Good luck with the baby! :-) ~JudyK


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