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Slice of Life: Are We Brave Enough?

It's Tuesday!  Today is the Slice of Life Challenge.  I'm so grateful to the writers in this community for their continued support, inspiration, and friendship.  You can stop by  Two Writing Teachers  to join the conversation and discover links to the stories shared.   This morning my car temperature said -11 degrees as I headed off to school at 7:00.  I wanted to get there early as it was my first day for writing club.  This year, for the Slice of Life Challenge, I have started a writing club after school that will help us support one another even through the hard times.  Students grades one through five have signed up for this challenge.  I am beyond excited. But now it is 11:33 at night and I am just getting home from a crazy busy day. So know that we are in. We are committed. We are brave enough to work to write every day in March.   I hope you are joining us on this writing journey.  

Poetry Friday: #micropoetry

It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by TeacherDance where Linda Baie hosts today's parade of wondrous words. I must admit to a love of #micropoetry .  There's something about words so perfectly chosen.  Something about powerful meaning created from so few words.  I try not to spend too much time on Twitter posting these fun little pieces as it's not really my purpose with this account.  Recently, however, a team effort by my daughter and then my friend, Mandy Robek , put me on Instagram .   I must admit I was thrilled to find a large #micropoetry movement on Instagram.  I wasn't sure what I would do with an Instagram account, but a new phone lens, Phonto (an app), and this new community may have answered that question. Here's today's little winter poem.  We've been out of school the last two days because of the negative temperatures in our area.  I think everyone is about over winter.  Winter commands that we pay attention.  It's not like spri

Poetry Friday is Here: Candy Hearts

I'm honored to be hosting Poetry Friday today.  What better weekend for poetry than the weekend of love?  If you love poetry, you'll want to come back throughout the day to see new updates.  If you're joining today with a poem or other poetry treasures, leave your link in the comments.  Across the day I will move them up into this post.  Parnote via Wikimedia Commons Candy Hearts Does anyone eat candy hearts? Or are they just small confectionery candies for conversation? Cool dude, charm me. Let's do lunch in style. Chill out, Sugar Pie. XOXO, BFF. How many characters are necessary to know the heart? Colorful confections, marvelous merriment, However, I prefer     my calories         in chocolate. © Cathy L. Mere, 2015 Poets We Love Elizabeth Barrett Browing:  Iphigene, at Gathering Books, shares Elizabeth Barrett Browning's, Sonnets from the Portuguese . Todd Boss:  Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day in the same week