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Slice of Life: My New Addiction

Today's post is part of the  Slice of Life  roundup at  Two Writing Teachers .  Stop by for links to many great slices or, better yet, join the fun by linking your own piece.  Thanks to all for hosting. The blog isn't the place to confess your addictions, but admitting you have a problem is the first step.  Right?  My addiction is worse on the weekends, but lately I'm finding I'm falling victim to it during the week too.  It keeps me up late at night.  It makes me mumble in my sleep.  It has me searching into the night to find just what I need. My addiction?  It isn't Reese's Peanut Butter cups, though that would have been a good guess since I have a stash hidden in the freezer.  It isn't  Twitter, though one could make an argument that I have a Twitter issue.  It isn't coffee, though I do have a slight headache if I haven't had a cup by nine in the morning.  My addiction will shock and repulse you.  My addiction is....fantasy football.  Who

Celebrating Possibility

Today I join Ruth Ayres as she hosts this week's celebrations at Ruth Ayres Writes .  Stop by to read her post and follow the links to other celebrations. "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."                   -George Bernard Shaw Finally taking a minute for lunch I check the clock on my phone.  Cassie should be ending her college visit about now and heading to the next one.  "How are the visits going?" I inquire in a text message.  My phone rings almost as soon as I press the send button. "I found my school," she relays quickly. I can hear the excitement in her voice.  She has been on several college visits and few have ended without questions or hesitations.  She's found schools she likes, but I haven't really felt she loves any of them.  Some are too small.  Some are too expensive.  Some she's not sure she can get into.  Some she's not sure she will fit in with the people who attend.