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Slice of Life: Cucumbers Anyone?

Slowly walking toward the garden I began to assess its progress.  I hadn't been to the garden since returning from vacation.  The weeds standing tall between the plants were a sure sign I needed to fight the mosquitoes and get busy.  Everything looked like it needed a bit of care.  I wandered around to see how the plants were doing.  While the peppers and tomatoes seemed to need a bit of work, it appeared all of this rain had been perfect for cucumbers and zucchini as they were already ready to be picked.  Their vines were reaching far away from their original resting spot. Walking over to the cucumber plants, I paused to take a look.  The plants were intertwined and quite healthy.  It wasn't long until I discovered three cucumbers more than ready to be picked.  Pulling the cucumbers I brought them into the house.  I looked at them for a minute to decide what I should do with them.  That's when I remembered my grandma used to keep cucumbers and onions in vinegar when I

Poetry Friday: Winding Roads

As a child I spent a week each summer with my grandparents.  My grandma kept us busy with picnics and adventure.  Today as we motorcycled the winding hills we passed one of our favorite destinations.  The memory brought today's original poem. Driving winding roads, through cool forests we once walked side by side. Nothing much has changed; the trees still stand tall watching, their long branches hiding treasures to be discovered, cars still line the parking lot where people gather, unpack picnics:  bologna sandwiches with homemade mayonnaise sweet, macaroni salad, iced bottles of Coca-Cola, watermelon cut with care into cubes just right for small hands. Years have come and gone but, the paths we walked still call. The laughter  still sings in my ear. Though it's been years I feel you walking beside me as I meander past the places we once walked together. Cathy L. Mere 2015  It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by Google + (


Last week's make for the #CLMOOC took me way out of my comfort zone.  As soon as the word "game" was mentioned I felt the dread creep up much as it did when I was in high school and the words "five paragraph essay" were tossed into the air.  It's like a cement wall just stopped me right where I stood.  I don't know why games no longer bring me comfort.  As a child, I spent hours playing games with my grandparents.  There was nothing like a game of Old Maid, Aggravation, Spoons, or Rummy to bring some excitement to the day. Now, games just make my head spin.  I get that they're important, but they seem to take time I really don't have.  On top of that, they make me think of "coding" for some reason.  Coding is another aspect of learning, I've shied away from lately.  This week the #CLMOOC asked: "For this Make Cycle, we invite you to use game design to analyze, remediate, and reflect on complex systems." All week I

Poetry Friday / CLMOOC: Ocean Remedy

Today I am going to combine two events:  Poetry Friday and CLMOOC.   This week's CLMOOC challenge is to Re(MEDIA)te something.  "For this Make Cycle, we invite you to consider how the media we compose within (like print, sound, still and moving image, or objects) influence how we communicate and interpret.  In this Make Cycle, we will mediate and re-mediate and reflect on how the affordances of different media impact our choices, processes, and meanings."  CLMOOC The point, as I understand it, is to consider how the different ways we choose media to present an idea can impact the understanding our audience walks away with after reading or viewing our composition.   Today I'm going to play with this idea in four steps.  How does each shape your understanding?  Which compositions allow you, the reader, to take more liberties and bring your own understandings to the meaning displayed and which push you more toward the message I hope to convey?  Which compositions s