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One Little Word (Okay, Phrase) 2021

  When I returned to this blog to write about my One Little Word, I was a little taken aback to realize I haven't written here for a year.  I think that really says it all about 2020.  Not all is lost, I did manage to do more journaling than in years past, but still... Let's take an honest look at 2020.   Bahahahaha!   Last year I chose the word "simplify."   Hahahahahaha!  I don't think 2020 was the year for that - and I certainly didn't mean to get myself stuck at home for most of the year.   2020 was rough.  I eventually took the "simplify" sign off of my work space as it wasn't working there either.  All year I found myself asking if I chose the wrong word - or if it was exactly the word I needed.  Though I tried, there just didn't seem to be any simplifying any part of my life.   So here I am staring 2021 down.  2021 you better step up!  What word will be a good fit for all that is to come?   My past words: Simplify  (2020) Center  (2019