Slice of Life: Nostalgia with a Touch of Modern 3 of 31

Boomer?  Gen Xer?  Millenial?  Gen Z?  

What about you is a dead give away of the time you grew up?  For me, it's probably my hair.  While not as big as it was in the 80s, I still would probably be placed in the big hair category.  Don't be too freaked out, I have updated it some.  Truthfully, my hair was just made for the 80s (the rest has been a battle).  I think we all have something that tells a lot about the time period we grew up

For my husband, it appears his new purchase says it all.  Yep, his iPhone charger dock crashed a few months ago.  He's been going crazy with all the wires to charge his devices ever since.  

"Just get a new one," I said.  "Just do what everyone else has been doing throughout the pandemic, jump online and order one." 

"No, I'll just wait," he said as he worked to get his cords all in a good spot.

Each day he woke up with something not having charged right.

"Just get a new one," I said.

"Nah, it's not worth it," he replied as he rechecked his cords.

Days passed.  Each day was a new adventure.  "Just get a new one," I said.  He never buys anything.  Finally, he decided I might have a point.  He jumped online to find an inexpensive charger that seemed like it would do the job.  Good ratings.  Best price.  Gnarly. 

It arrived promptly and he excitedly connected it.  He was psyched.  On the first morning, things had not charged correctly.  For several days he connected and reconnected the device, but it turns out the device was lame.

"Return it," I suggested, "and get one like you had."  

"Nah, I must not have connected something right," he replied as he unplugged and plugged cords again. 

Each morning he'd wake up with something not quite right. 

"Return it," I said, "and get one like you had."

Finally he got online and requested what he needed to return the first purchase and began looking for what he wanted.  He finally settled on something that would charge his devices and ordered it. 

Today it arrived.  Cool beans!  I had to chuckle as I found him working to connect his new charger.  If you were born in the last 25 years, you are picturing something very different than what had been delivered.  It wasn't a charging pad.  Nope.  It wasn't a charging dock.  It wasn't a charging station.  Nope.  It was a good old clock radio.

Yep, a clock radio with digital time displayed, an FM radio (to his dismay no AM), and all the alarm buttons you might need.  I was sure I was back in the 80s.  The only difference is it has ports on the back to plug in cords for all the modern devices.

"That's very boomer of you," I joked as he worked to put together. 

I know he's going to love it.  It's righteous.  

Let's be honest, we all have those things we love because of the time we grew up.  No new-fangled stuff required.  What's the give-away in your life?  

It's March and I'm diving back into the March Slice of Life Challenge!  Buckle in!  This will be my 8th year joining the community (though I must confess to a two year break).  Yep, some of the writing will be messy.  Honestly, most of it will be messy.  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm excited to dive back into the madness.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting.  


  1. Has to be that old beat up teddy bear that sits in my living room! My grandpa bought it for me when I was three years old when it was as big as I was. It is no longer is pink and white and its nose is permanently broken from being tugged around by it. It should be in a dumpster, but it sits in my dad's baby rocker in my living room. Now my daughter would say it is the duck in my front yard, but that's another story.....


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