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Slice of Life: Living the Life of a Writer

"I write every day for two hours. But it's what I do for the other twenty-two hours that allows me to write."                           Don Murray (This post is cross-posted at my other blog,  Reflect and Refine:  Building a Learning Community.) I found this  Donald Murray  quote on  Ralph Fletcher's site .  It made me think.  Write for two hours a day?  I can't imagine it.  I'm not really much of a writer.  I go through writing spells.  Though I don't consider myself a writer, there are times in my life when I can remember writing being an important part of it.  There have been times when I've gotten myself into a writing routine.  Honestly, I've felt the most balanced in those times.  There were my poetry years - years of school in which I focused my writing on poetry.  There were my survival years - the years that writing helped me to balance all I was trying to do.  There were my training years - the years that writing about all