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Slice of Life: The Recipe Box

Today's post is part of the  Slice of Life  roundup at  Two Writing Teachers .  Stop by for links to many great slices or, better yet, join the fun by linking your own piece.  Thanks to all for hosting. I don't really know where pot pie came from.  Was it a recipe with its roots in the kitchens of the Pennsylvania Dutch ?  Has it been adapted from the German bot boi recipes?  Was it a recipe used in kitchens during the depression when eggs may have been harder to find?  I'm really not sure.  I'm not even sure it matters.  In my mind, pot pie always came from Grandma's kitchen. What I do know is, as a child, I could always count on having pot pie when I visited my grandma.   The smells from my grandma's kitchen greeted us as soon as we climbed the cement steps to her house.  She'd open the door and we would be immediately enveloped in the love of her kitchen as she wrapped her arms around each of us. Grandma would make pot pie - my favorite dish - f

Writing Priorities: Slice of Life

"I must write it all out, at any cost.  Writing is thinking.  It is more than living, for it is being conscious of living."                                  --- Anne Morrow Lindbergh Today's post is part of the Slice of Life roundup at Two Writing Teachers .  Stop by for links to many great slices or, better yet, join the fun by linking your own piece.  Thanks to all for hosting. Why Write? If you didn't have time to check out this week's Big Fresh by Brenda Power be sure to stop by.  In it Brenda talks about the different kinds of writing we do and compares our writing to gardening.  She shares, "A garden is a great metaphor for writing, because it helps me to think about what I need to prune, plant again, or trim back to keep myself thriving as a writer." I've been trying to rethink my writing habits --- or maybe I should say begin to shape strong writing habits.  I really value my time writing like some people make time to exercise

Celebrating Discoveries

I was pretty excited to learn of Ruth Ayres' Celebrations Round-Up at Ruth Ayres Writes .  As I have thought about it, I have so much to celebrate each week it is hard to choose just one thing, but here it goes. Today I'm celebrating DISCOVERIES.  This weekend we found a little time to sneak away to visit our oldest daughter.  As teachers it isn't often we manage a fall get away.  With Friday off, we packed our bags, jumped in the car, and decided to head south.   The drive was beautiful as we meandered through the Blue Ridge Mountains speckled in crimson and gold.  We arrived in North Carolina at the end of her school day and the adventure began. Staying at the Ritz Cortney has been full of delightful discoveries.  I became a vegetarian after eating a zucchini sandwich at Natty Greens in Greensboro.  Maybe it was the combination of vegetables.  Maybe it was the fresh bread.  Either way, I wondered why I didn't order veggie meals more often.   While in t

Don't Miss It: Poetry Friday is Here!

I'm truly honored to be hosting today's Poetry Friday event.   I always enjoy wandering through the blogs joining the Poetry Friday conversation.  It is a pleasure to be reminded of poems I have loved, to discover new poems, and to read the poems written by participants. If you're joining us today, and I hope you are, please add your link to the comments section of this post.  Then follow the links in the post, and the comments section, to find more poetry.  I'll be by a few time across the day to update the event.  Enjoy! A Chance The quarter tossed carelessly to the bottom of my purse, once coveted, now overlooked. Shiny quarter once held such promise, a wish for something grand from the store's gum ball machine: a new ring, a bracelet of gold, a plastic parachute man.  Something sure to be envied.  Twenty five cents placed in a slot, turn, turn,  click. Opening the door revealed a clear plastic bubble, the

Just 15 minutes

Life has been busy.  It's busy for everyone.  I find when I get busy I have to let some things go, and keeping up with this blog is always one of them.  Today I'm rethinking that... It's 7:53. Today is Slice of Life .  In March I joined the month long challenge once again.  After March was over I decided I was going to try to continue with the Tuesday Slice of Life posts.  I did really well for awhile; writing a slice, reading at least three, and then leaving comments.  Soon I didn't have time to write and would stop by a few posts to comment.  Then I was reading a few and not leaving a comment.  Then it just seemed hard to keep up.  I've missed this weekly community so today I've decided I'm going to find time for this post.  I've decided all I need is 15 minutes. You see, recently at a writing retreat Brenda Power has had me rethinking productivity.  She's caused me to pause and rethink writing time a bit.  I've always felt I need a la