Slice of Life: It Isn't Just the Pot Roast 18 of 31

Maybe it's genetics. Maybe it's years of living together. Whatever the cause, there are some strange coincidences in our family. When the kids were living at home, for example, it wasn't uncommon for us to get ready to go somewhere only to discover, as we assembled in the foyer to leave, we each were wearing the same color. This continued even after the kids moved out; we would get together for something and find we were matching. Gathering for a holiday - same colors. It's great for photos, but the kids often aren't fans. 

The coincidences don't stop there. Additionally, we often reach for our phones at the same time to call one another. We also have to be careful when selecting glasses that we don't pick out the same pair. The struggle is real. 

Today these strange coincidences took a new turn. I was in the kitchen getting dinner in the crockpot so it could cook for the day when my phone started to buzz. Looking down, I saw that my daughter was trying to connect via FaceTime. I answered the call. "Mom," she said right away, "how much water should I put in the crockpot with my roast?" 

"Do you have carrots and potatoes with it?" I asked. She confirmed she did.

Pausing before I answered, I flipped the camera on my phone so she could see what I was putting in the crockpot: roast, potatoes and carrots. Yep, we were preparing the same meal. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose. 

I guess I brought her up well. When the day is busy, pull out the crockpot!  

Maybe it's genetics. Maybe it's all the years we lived together. Maybe it's happenstance. Whatever the reason, we certainly have some strange coincidences in this family. 

It's March and I'm diving back into the March Slice of Life Challenge!  Buckle in!  This will be my 8th year joining the community (though I must confess to a two year break).  Yep, some of the writing will be messy.  Honestly, most of it will be messy.  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm excited to dive back into the madness.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting.  


  1. It speaks to the closeness of your family- I feel the love!

  2. That is totally crazy!!! I can't believe you even cook the same things for dinner!

  3. Our crazy family!!!! Even all the grandchildren (except Joe who wanted to be special, lol) were born on the same day as the number of the month; 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, 7/7 and 8/8.. Amazing!!!!


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