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Slice of Life: Cowbirds? Seriously?

Today I'm joining Tuesday's Slice of Life event at Two Writing Teachers.  Stop by.  As always, thanks Ruth and Stacey.   Today when I returned from school, I grabbed my heavy bag of paperwork out of the car and began to walk up the sidewalk.  It's a busy time of year so I try to notice the small things that keep me going.  After a long weekend working in the yard, I smiled to myself as I paused long enough to notice the new hakuro nishiko willow shrubs we planted last week.  I took a moment to enjoy the irises in bloom around the sidewalk. Then something unusual caught my attention.  A nest in our rose bush?  I hadn't noticed that before.  The nest was small and would have easily fit into my hand.  It was carefully made with small pieces woven tightly together.  How could I have missed it? When I glanced inside I noticed four small eggs.  The eggs were lightly speckled and blue.  Though robin's have blue eggs, this nest seemed much too small and I don't

Poetry Friday: June Bugs

Someone tell the June bugs it is only May.  Ughhhh!  They gross me out!  I was telling my students today about the way the June bugs have started showing up outside as dark approaches.  I'm even finding signs of them in the morning around our house.  I'm not a fan of the June bug.  I don't like the way they look.  I don't like the sound they make when they fly.  I don't like the way they erratically move from place to place.  It sounds like a poem in the making I assured my students.  So here it is... It's Poetry Friday!  I'm joining the fun with this poem about June Bugs.  Stop by Anastasia Suen's Poetry Blog for links to more poetry. June Bugs Brown beetle, your young life behind you. Now older, you sneak out late at night for food. Yet, you often find yourself in spaces not meant for a beetle. Now older, you clumsily fly in the night air. Yet, you are not silent. The sound of your wings gives you away. Now older, aren't