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Poetry Friday: On the Cusp of Tomorrow

It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by  A Year of Reading  as Mary Lee hosts today's parade of wondrous words.

Looking Back on 2015: Be Brave

I'm not much of a New Year Resolution gal.  I've never found making resolutions at the turn of the calendar to be effective for me.  It seemed more like something I had to do, instead of something I truly believed.  The problem wasn't the resolutions, it was my attitude about them.  They seemed routine.  Then a few years ago my friends started talking about their "one little word."  I was intrigued.  It seemed to have so much more purpose: a lens for the year.  I tried to find past words I've chosen and was able to locate my 2014 word:  discover .  In 2012, I chose  thank . Last year, I wanted to step up a bit more.  I decided instead of a word, I'd choose a phrase.  I wanted something that inspired action.  I didn't just want to think about my word; I wanted to live my word.  For this reason, I decided a phrase made more sense and chose:   Be Brave .  I read:  Let's All be Brave .  To keep me inspired, I started a Pinterest board to help to th

Slice of Life: Could Facebook Have Saved a Mom Like Me?

This morning I decided I would find a picture of my kids with Santa when they were little and make it my Facebook profile page.  I was sure there was an ornament hanging on the Christmas tree with their picture, but for the life of me I couldn't locate it.  Searching from top to bottom and side to side, the picture was nowhere to be found amongst the twinkling lights and pine needle branches.  I decided I'd have to go into my old photos to locate a picture.  That's no easy task, of course.  Where should I begin?  Do I start in the shoeboxes full of pictures I collected over the years as I hurriedly developed film and then threw the photos into a box I was sure I'd scrapbook someday?  Which box is most likely to have a picture from Christmas past? Sorting and using past pictures of my kids is always a challenge.  Their lives in photos are trapped between shoeboxes, old computers, and phones.  They grew up during the transition to digital photography as we moved from

Where Do You Find Poetry?

So I haven't posted for such a long time because I've been having a bit of a poetry problem; I can't find a poem.  I've looked high and low - no poem.  Perhaps life has been too busy or maybe I just haven't taken the time to pause to find it, but poetry doesn't seem to be finding me these days.  What do you do to inspire poetry? Where Do You Find Poetry? when words do not come, where do you find poetry when it eludes you? what do you do when the silence is too quiet for words? how do you write when the sound of the birds brings no song, when the stream gurgling over it's rocky base can't bring your pen to paper? though you look deep into the night, up into the skies of blue, watch the sun rise in the morning sky; though you search the usual places poetry cannot be found. what do you do when words hide? © Cathy L. Mere, 2015