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Poetry Friday: Last Days

Well, today was Jeff's last official day. He's now officially retired. My retirement was in March. Now we step together into a new chapter. Last days...     are always first days         of something else.  © Cathy L. Mere, 2021 It's Poetry Friday!   Today's roundup  is hosted by Michelle Kogan . Stop by to enjoy some poetry and/or leave a link. 

Slice of Life: Closing a Pandemic School Year

This morning is my husband, Jeff's, last day with kids. It isn't just any last day, it's an Alice Cooper last day:   "School's out for summer, school's out forever." While Friday is his official last day, I know his last day with kids feels like the final day of his career. He retires at the end of this week. In 36 years of teaching, he's enjoyed every day with those crazy 8th graders. Thirty-six years in the same position. Thirty-six years and the only classroom move was because they tore down the old middle school and built a new one. At the beginning of this pandemic year, I encouraged him to go ahead and retire. I mean, (shhhh!) he wasn't getting any younger and the virus seemed unrelenting. "I want to see what the year brings," he said confidently and headed off to a new group students and a year of ever-changing circumstance.  This morning my phone has been buzzing with updates. I just received a video his students made, #JeffTok,

Poetry Friday: Now Dream YOUR Dream #poemsforMaryLee

I can't think of a better way to celebrate Poetry Friday than to offer my best wishes to Mary Lee Hahn upon her retirement. It is a gift in this life to be given the opportunity to live more than one dream.  Now Dream YOUR Dream For years you have planted  the dreams others pursued, carefully tending  their fragile nature. Walking  beside  fellow travelers searching for paths to be taken, roads to travel, destinations  yet to be revealed.  Celebrating steps large  and small, nurturing tomorrows  still unknown. Now  it is your turn to chase words and moments, to savor quiet and  slow.  to discover new roads waiting for you.  Now  it is your turn      to dream. © Cathy L. Mere, 2021 It's Poetry Friday!   Today's roundup is hosted by Christie Wyman at  Wondering and Wandering . Stop by to enjoy some poetry and/or leave a link. 

Slice of Life: Be Kind to Yourself

On Sunday, both of my daughters celebrated their first Mother's Day. It had me all nostalgic. I don't remember my first Mother's Day. Time does that.  My first plan was to write a list of things I would suggest for them in the coming years. I started thinking back to all the things I would do differently. Of course, that led me to all the things I also wouldn't change. Raising our kids was such a delight - and a lot of hard work. That's just how it is. It quickly became abundantly clear that there isn't a list of ways to perfect this motherhood thing and keep yourself afloat. Instead I think I would just have to say... Be kind to yourself.  On the days you could sleep  standing up.  when you aren't sure  the best way forward.  when you're certain you can't continue.  Be kind to yourself. There will be times when your child is sick and you'll wonder if they need a doctor. when they are challenging, and you'll wonder the best way help them grow

Slice of Life: Book Shopping...Isn't What It Used to Be

Do you ever just catch yourself doing something and laugh at your own ridiculousness? I can make simple things hard. I can make quick jobs take forever. I can get mesmerized by craziest of side adventures. Today was one of those days where I had to chuckle at myself a bit.  Today I made my bookstore visit very 2021.  To begin, it should be noted that technology has certainly changed the way I do a lot of things. If I need a recipe, I almost always go to the internet. A simple search will result in several recipes and then I choose a favorite. It's changed the way I listen to music. Who would have guessed some day I'd hold all of my music right in my hand? Even crazier, who would have guessed I wouldn't have to own all the music to play it. Hello music subscription services. Looking for a new place to eat? Hello, YELP. Need a map? Google. I could go on for days.  Some things just aren't like they used to be. Sometimes that's a bad thing - and sometimes it's divin