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Poetry Friday: Lifting Voices

It's poetry Friday!  Today's poem was literally found.  During our last day with the Columbus Area Writing Project we were asked to take a piece of writing from our time together and use it to find a poem.  We were asked to carve it down to its most essential words.  I found this poem hiding in a blog post I wrote titled:   Why Digital Writing .    Lifting Voices  quiet. wandering. surveying collections: childhood reports, paper books made by tiny fingers, journals filled with wondrous words, handwritten poems. words surround. gifts tucked safely away, in closets and drawers. stories should reach; connect to communities. writing for something - for someone. finding space. reaching out. letting words spill. writing lifts silenced voices. © Cathy L. Mere, 2016 It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by The Opposite of Indifference where Tabatha Yeatts hosts today's parade of wondrous words.