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One Little Word 2020

As Christmas approached this year, I looked at the calendar and took a deep breath.  We were out of school on Friday and everyone was arriving on Saturday.  I certainly didn't want it any other way as I was looking forward to having everyone with us for a week, but how I was going to get ready?  I host Christmas every year which I absolutely love.  We have a lot of family in and out over the course of a week and it is a lot of meals.  It's delightful, but getting ready without even a day was going to prove a challenge for my procrastinator ways. With age, comes wisdom (or so they say).  Since the timeline was tight, and honestly I was pretty tired from school, I decided I needed to do things with a bit more simplicity.  I wanted to spend more time with everyone while they were here and not worry so much about all of the food.  I looked for places to make cuts/changes.  I called all of my family members and asked them to bring 1-2 dozen cookies...and it was fine if they were