National Poetry Month: Again (28 of 30)

  It's National Poetry Month. I will be posting a poem each day. No theme. I'm just going to follow the spark each day, wherever I might find it. It's bound to be messy. 

It's Poetry Friday! It is also the last Friday of National Poetry Month. Today's roundup is hosted by Ruth at "There is No Such Thing as a God-forsaken Town." (True confessions: I didn't quite make the Friday night deadline so I'm posting this on Saturday morning. Since I'm late, I did not link to the roundup, but I'd suggest you stop by to see all this community has been accomplishing this month.) 

Here's "today's" poem:

When You're Two 

Life when you're two
is full of joy. 

We hop around the living room,
you giggle as we move in circles,
hop, hop, hop.

Again, you say.

We sing songs in the kitchen,
dancing and acting out the words,
do, da, do.

Again, you shout.

We twirl endlessly in circles,
falling down on queue,
boom, boom, boom.

Again, you declare.

We go outside into the sun,
to run in the tall grass,
vroom, vroom, vroom.

Again, you proclaim.

Your smile lights the day,
your happiness fills the room,
pop, pop, pop.

Again, I agree.

When you're two,
you fill hearts with joy. 

© Cathy L. Mere, 2023 


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