National Poetry Month: Morning Radiance 27 of 30

Well, I awoke just after sunrise to find the moon still hanging and the sky returned to blue. Moon was in my backyard now and shining brighter than bright. It had managed to radiate an entire extra sphere of light that doubled it in size. I couldn't get a good picture with my phone, but trust me it was glorious. I think moon must have decided to wait on sun's return so I thought I'd continue their game in today's poem. Check out yesterday's Evening Show for last night's game.

Morning Radiance 

"I'm ready to play,"
    sun says to moon.
As she returns to the sky
    not a moment too soon.

"I've had some good sleep,
    and I see you're still here.
Let's play a game
    that will bring the world cheer."

Moon stayed awake
    just for this chance.
The two look at each other
    and start the grand dance.

"Let's play Shine,"
    says sun as she rises.
"I can do that,"
    says moon, full of surprises.

Sun rises up higher
    in her finest of yellow
she sparkles and gleams
    as she greets morning, "Hello." 

Moon reaches down deep
    with all of her might,
she adds a wide sphere
    of radiant light.

The blue sky smiles knowingly
    and the birds start to sing,
the flowers all marvel
    at the radiance moon brings.

"I must go to sleep,"
    moon says with a smile,
"But I'll be back to play,
    in just a short while." 

© Cathy L. Mere, 2021

It's National Poetry Month. This year, I selected "CHOOSE JOY" as my One Little Word Phrase. Since I'm on the lookout for JOY, it makes sense to share a poem each day this month about what I find. 


  1. The play between the Sun and the Moon has always fascinated me. I love standing in a darkened room with a single light source and different balls to represent the Earth and the Moon. I learn anew as recognition crosses the faces of my students. Thank you for a wonderful poem!


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