National Poetry Month: Dear Monday 5 of 30


It's National Poetry Month. This month, I'll be on the lookout for JOY this year. In an effort to CHOOSE JOY, I'll share a poem each day this month about what I find. 

Dear Monday

Dear Monday,
I used to see you coming
and try to run.
No matter what
I tried,
you were always there,
tapping your watch,
pointing your finger.
I guess I didn’t
understand you.

But Monday,
something is different,
I no longer try to run
when I see you.
We can now sit for coffee,
spend time reading,
or just watch the sunrise.
You’ve changed.

I know I have work to do
to fully appreciate 
the new you.
I think we’re off 
to a good start.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2021


  1. I love the image of Monday- tapping its watch and pointing its finger. What an image. And I love the idea of writing to an object, or day of the week. It makes me think of the book, "Dear World." I have used that in the past to get some great writing out of kids. Hmmmm....


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