National Poetry Month: A Little Limerick 20 of 30

Yeah, it's a reach. Limerics are for March - until it's April and you're feeling a little whimsical (and desperate). I'm just going to follow the advice of my Sunday poem and get something down. Bahahahaha.  You can read more about this little gadget at today's Slice of Life post.  

It's National Poetry Month. This year, I selected "CHOOSE JOY" as my One Little Word Phrase. Since I'm on the lookout for JOY, it makes sense to share a poem each day this month about what I find. 

There once was a boy named Kareem,

Who just loved to eat lots of ice-cream.

But his hands would get cold,

If the truth were to be told.

Now with his koozie he's living the dream. 

© Cathy L. Mere, 2021


  1. This is perfect! Perfect form, perfect food, perfect invention!!

  2. Living the dream! Lucky Kareem (and you). I'm not a lover of ice cream, but cookies are my go-to treat.

  3. My son is Kadeem. I'm going to print this out for him!


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