Slice of Life: Slow Mornings 19 of 31

For the month of March, I'll be writing with the Slice of Life community. Disclaimer: I'll be writing every day so the writing will be a bit unpolished most days. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for bringing this community together and for inspiring me to try to find the stories that surround me each day.

No alarm.
No rushing.
No schedule.

A cup of coffee.
A book.
A computer.

Refrigerator rumbles,
Fish tank trickles,
Silence surrounds.

Sky shifts,
Morning dawns,
Birds awaken.

A little reading.
A bit of writing.
A lot of slowing.

No racing.
No hurrying.
No leaving.

The gift of
Slow mornings.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2018


  1. Love slow mornings. I could feel the slow because of your descriptions, loved the structure of each stanza and how your last stanza sums it all up. Enjoy!

  2. What a lovely piece that captures the pace and pleasure of a slow morning.

  3. Yes, I am having a slow morning too. They are such a gift - and spring break allows me many more to come this week! :)

  4. I am jealous. I would love a slow morning like you so beautifully described here.

  5. What a lovely world to be in!


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