Slice of Life: Dinner Out? Again? 27 of 31

For the month of March, I'll be writing with the Slice of Life community. Disclaimer: I'll be writing every day so the writing will be a bit unpolished most days. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for bringing this community together and for inspiring me to try to find the stories that surround me each day.

Before I left, I placed the pork roast in the crockpot on low as planned.  We've been a bit bad lately about going out to eat so this week I was armed with a plan for cooking dinner every night.  It's the deciding I find frustrating.  Sunday I had taken the time to carefully plan each meal for the week, went to the grocery store to buy ingredients, and had everything ready to go.  All through the day, I smiled to myself knowing dinner was not going to be an obstacle tonight.

Midday, I get a group text from my son who is on spring break, "I see there is a roast in the crockpot are we taking that out to dinner with us tonight."

"I won't fall," I coach myself.  My daughter and husband both laugh at the text.

"Noone has to talk me into going out," I quipped in response.

"It is Monday," my son added.

In the last few weeks, we've gone out nearly every Monday.  It's a terrible habit, but by the time we all arrive home from teaching, coaching, and meetings, it always seems the easy way out.  I'd carefully planned my menu for the week on Sunday.  I had meals planned every day except Thursday.  Since we were all off on Friday, Thursday seemed a good day to go out.  All day I reminded myself dinner was in the crockpot ready for us.  All day I reminded myself of my vow to fix dinner each night.

It was nearly six o'clock when I arrived home from the first day back from my spring break.  It had been a good day, but a very busy one.  The week after a break always seems the busiest.  Walking into the kitchen, I lifted the lid on the crockpot, shredded the pork for sandwiches, and gave it a taste.  Delicious!  About that time, my son walked downstairs, "Ready to go out?", he inquired with a grin in his voice.  Twenty-somethings are pot-stirrers.

My husband, resting in his chair, looks up to see where this will go.  I know he doesn't care either way.  He's also on spring break and is kind of a go with the flow guy.

I look at the roast in the crockpot and know I haven't figured out what sides I will fix.  My mind races to determine the sides.  French fries in the air fryer will be a bit of work.  Rice doesn't sound quite right.  We had potatoes yesterday.  No one will fall for a pasta salad.  The decisions seem too much for 6:00 at night so I fall again.  "I can just shred this for tomorrow," I reply.  I grab a container and put the pork in the refrigerator.

Dinner out again.


  1. The path of least resistance! I love the way you wove in the text, the dialogue, the pot stirring son:)

  2. Carpe diem! We too have had more take out than usual this month! We can do better in April. I bet those sandwiches will be great this week.

  3. Your post made me laugh! It's hard to get excited about cooking after you have already worked a full day. Like you, I would much rather go out!

  4. Sounds like the right choice to me! It is too late to be creating sides after six o'clock.

  5. Ha! I thought you would hold to it, Cathy! I vowed not to make one dinner this week during spring break! I hate the deciding too. Well, the good news is that dinner is ready tomorrow.


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