Slice of Life: The Hardest Thing About Writing 2 of 31

For the month of March, I'll be writing with the Slice of Life community.  Disclaimer:  I'll be writing every day so the writing will be raw and a bit messy most days.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for bringing this community together and for inspiring me to try to find the stories that surround me each day.  

The hardest thing
about starting to write
isn't the writing,

it's the careful
of all that happens
in our busy lives,

as we move
about our day
trying to get ahead,
trying to catch up,

trying to keep up,
in the busyness
we forget to pause,
to slow down enough,

to take a breath
and listen to the words
that fall
around us,

tumbling into the air -
unnoticed -
like the moment
with its sparkle,

like the full moon
taunting us,
as the sun rises

to cast it away
and we sit, unnoticing,
without an idea
unable to write.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2018


  1. Ooohhh, I love this poem. I kept looking for a favorite line or a favorite stanza and I can't pick. You are a masterful poet! Thank you for sharing this!!

    1. Thank you, Michelle. When the writing gets hard, I always go to poetry. It's my happy place.

  2. I found this poem so calming even though it was about hard. The pace slowed me down just as planning to write slows us down. Maybe if we embrace this as part of the process we won't have to consider it hard. Thank you for starting my day with a pause.

    1. Great point! I think the "paying attention" is the part of the process I have to remind myself about the most.

  3. Listen to words:
    they rattle the air
    with every falling
    Catch a phrase
    onto your tongue,
    like a child
    in a snowstorm,
    in order to hear
    the stories.
    what you've

    -- Line-lifting for some poetry comments. Pardon my intrusions.

    1. Kevin,
      I just love your creativity. Thank you for this delightful comment.


  4. I get this feeling too and appreciate the way you've sketched it for us here, encouraging us to take that moment to pause and notice and simply *be*. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful poem that captures the real struggle of starting to write again--slowing down, being present, looking, noticing, listening. That's the real practice.

    1. It's practice --- and it's habit. I have to remind myself to be mindful of both.

  6. Well, this post most definitely did not fall into the "messy" category - wowza! What a beautiful reminder of how to gather our slices by paying attention to our lives. Love it!

  7. "and listen to the words that fall around us" Love that, Cathy. You made it so easy to jump inside your words.

  8. Yes, that is why I love this month as well ... slowing down, noticing, intently listening. So eloquently stated today! Agree with Karen, this does not fall into the messy category by any means! Beautiful!

  9. Wow! What a powerful image. A beautiful reminder to pay close attention! Thanks!

  10. We had the same kind of thinking for day 2. I think you said it with much more grace; tumbling int he it.


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