Slice of Life: Blue Doesn't Mean Sad 7 of 31

Here we go!  It's time for the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.  It will be a busy month of writing, commenting, and learning with this community.  This year I've decided to try to focus my writing around happiness.  Stop by today's link up to join the conversation or find some great reading.  

Often blue is associated with sadness, but today blue means everything but that to me.  I'm not talking about feeling blue, but instead the boldness of blue.  Everywhere I looked today the world seemed to be blue - beautiful bright blue.  We've been surrounded by gray for what seems like months: gray skies, gray clouds, gray snow.  Today the earth danced and the world sang with blue.  

After months of living in the shaded world, the sunshine was out today.   The sun seemed to play with the white snow sending dazzling light into the world.  It seemed the shadows created by the play of mother nature turned the snow a silvery blue as if the ground was trying to rival the brilliance of the sky.  

Today the world was blue and full of promise.  Today's sky spoke of hope and the promise of color and warmer days.  We still have days of gray, but these little glimpses of blue bring pure joy.  Today happiness was found in the color blue.  


  1. I, too, found happiness in the blue sky today. It was such a marvelous treat after March coming in "like a lion." It's been such a bleak winter. Spring is ALMOST here. Today was just a taste, right?

  2. Our sky here in SC was that deep blue today. I marveled at its beauty as I was walking this morning. Our minds were thinking the same thoughts.

  3. "Today the world was blue and full of promise. Today's sky spoke of hope and the promise of color and warmer days." This describes perfectly how I felt about the day today. The hope that sunshine and 40 degrees can bring it amazing!

  4. We have had two days of blue, after three weeks of gray (super unusual for Colorado, where we usually only have a day or two of gray and then revert to blue). And it was, as you suggest, absolutely loverly! Amazing how that blue lifts the mood!

  5. You are describing what many of us felt today! Just got back from a jog with two of my kids (at 6:30pm it was still light out!) and all I could think about was the wonderful feeling that winter may finally be on its way. Enjoy the rest of your day! ~ Jen and Darla

  6. These past 2 days have totally changed my outlook on life. I could tell there was a bounce in my step, a bigger smile on my face, and a burst of energy because I could see that blue. Loved it!!

  7. What lovely blue skies! I love how you noticed the blue around you on this day!


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