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Here we go!  It's time for the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.  It will be a busy month of writing, commenting, and learning with this community.  This year I've decided to try to focus my writing around happiness.  Stop by today's link up to join the conversation or find some great reading.   

It's been incredibly cold and snowy here for months.  I'm of the thought that if it is cold, it might as well be snowy (sorry, friends).  It's quite beautiful to have a world blanketed in wintery white, but as my friend Tricia wrote this morning, "Right now my eyes are absolutely starved for color."  Sometimes we have to find our own color in our worlds as she did today.  

The way we see things can shift our outlook.  We create our own realities.  For this reason, I'm going to spend this month writing about the little ways I find happiness.  One thing I know for sure, and this event proves this time and time again, it's the little things that really matter.  We find happiness by watering the grass where we stand.  

Friday afternoon I raced home from school so we could get on the road to Indianapolis.  We enjoy going to Indianapolis as the city is full of great things to do and most everything is within walking distance.  My son, now in college, and my husband had decided we really should head to the city on this particular day to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Indianapolis Pacers.  I loved the idea and hoped I would be able to see one of my star fantasy basketball players, Kyrie Irving, score big points.  Of course, seeing Lebron James would be a bonus.  John and Jeff purchased tickets and I found a place to stay.

As soon as I arrived home that afternoon, I dashed through the door, changed my clothes, grabbed my already packed suitcase, and headed right back out to the car.  We managed to arrive in Indy in time for the tip off of the game as planned.  Unfortunately we were to find out that Kyrie hadn't traveled with the team and apparently Lebron needed some rest.  This didn't damper our spirits.  Though the Cavaliers' loss was hard to take, we took it all in stride.

We stayed in Indy through Saturday, eating, walking the cold city streets, and having fun.  There's something about spending time in the city that I always love, but having the time with family made it even better.  The time with my son, his girlfriend, and my husband was refreshing even in the subzero temperatures.  Happiness is found in time with family.


  1. Love that paragraph about your movement (i.e., what you did) as soon as you got home. So vivid!

    Glad you're writing with us again this year, Cathy.

  2. This is great - a quick and fun little getaway.

    I'm looking forward to reading about 30 other moments of happiness this month!

  3. Time with family - nothing quite like it; family nourishes our souls.

  4. What a great theme! I have seen a couple others with themes too. Interesting twist to the challenge. I went to college in Indianapolis and I loved downtown and it has changed so much in 30 years! Looking forward to reading more happy moments.

  5. love love basketball too...but love love family even more...great idea for the slices this month. xo

  6. As always Cathy, you inspire! Looking forward to reading about what brings you happiness this month! Great idea to have a theme!

    1. Btw sorry you missed Kylie and Lebrun at the game but glad it didn't dampen yor spirits!

  7. Your last line captures the essence of your piece: Happiness is found in time with family. Love your twist on the challenge as well. Looking forward to more stories and slices of happiness!

  8. Lots of big truth here! Sounds like you really are making your own happiness- a great weekend in Cleveland with your family in spite of cold and windy weather! Looking forward to blogging with you again this month!

  9. I love how you have a focus for the month...and I love the focus!
    "Happiness is found in time with family." Mmm. So true.

  10. As I am entering this challenge for the first time, I am not sure I could sustain a theme, but I love yours! I could really picture you getting ready to leave and feel your emotion.

  11. Well...gee...gosh... I've been quoted! I'm honored! Love your theme. You are inspiring me to jump in. Hoping it's not too late!


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