Slice of Life: It Happened 31 of 31

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The students, first through fifth grade, were gathered on the carpet as we talked about what they had learned from the Slice of Life Writing Challenge when A spoke up, "I just noticed the sign hanging on the bulletin board," she said.

Turning around, I searched to see what she had noticed.  "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened," I read to the group.  The room got a little quiet.  Looking at her, I smiled.  She had invested so much heart into this challenge.  One of our fourth grade participants, she shared so many stories across our challenge.

We all paused for a moment to consider the statement.  We had all learned so much during the month long challenge.  I think the students learned a lot about themselves as writers.  Many managed to write most everyday, even across spring break.  Students had taken time to share their writing and to comment.

The students have learned to do so many things.  They've learned to consider their audience and the power of their words.  They've learned what a community can do for one another.  They've learned to support each other, and go to each other when they need help.  They've learned to insert pictures and videos, write catchy titles, and ask questions to encourage commenting.

Today happiness was found in our after school Slice of Life meeting.  We all knew today was the last day of the challenge.  We have one more meeting - our celebration!  I'm going to miss this group.  When writing got hard, I reminded myself that if these young writers could do it, I could too.


  1. What a great celebration of this month's accomplishments. Thank you for the inspiring post!

  2. Love love love! Thanks for inspiring me to try this again and please help me remember it sooner next year! Such lucky students you have!

  3. Somehow I don't know that Dr. Seuss quote, but it is perfect for today. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hurray! Thirty-one days in a row! Glad there will be a celebration!

  5. Perfect quote to sum it up today. Thanks Cathy!

  6. I think one of the best things about the challenge for me this year was to see my students take it on and grow as writers. I'm looking forward to celebrating with my students after spring break. :-)

  7. It's a favorite quote! What a great connection A made!
    Congratulations to your crew!

  8. Today I read your slices that I missed...I enJOYed them all so much, Cathy.
    I didn't want to miss any.
    Have a wonderful week!


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