Poetry Friday: A Million Sunrises

It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by Author Amok where Laura hosts today's parade of wondrous words.
A Million Sunrises
A million sunrises
wouldn't be enough
to see all the colors,
hues of pink,
shades of purple,
tints of yellow,
or the way 
they change
the blue
of the morning

A million sunrises,
each welcoming
a new day,
full of possibility,
as the earth
comes to life
in quiet

A million sunrises,
a new gift
to be unwrapped,
would never be
yet each one
takes our breath away.

We will never
a million sunrises,
but if we could
we would pause 
at each
like we had never
seen anything like it

© Cathy L. Mere, 2015 


  1. Sunrises are such a beautiful time of the day. You captured it so well with your words. I like to get up early and watch the sunrise when everything around me is quiet. I feel so close to something I cannot explain that makes me feel peaceful and so very loved.

  2. Lovely, Cathy. I was in Albuquerque recently and woke up early to watch the sun rising over the mountains. Amazing to watch the sun's progress across the landscape.

  3. Your poem reminded me of Mary Lee's OWL ("Notice") and also of "Amazing Grace," Cathy: When we’ve been there ten thousand years,/Bright shining as the sun,/We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise/Than when we’d first begun.

  4. "Each one takes our breath away." Just like reading your poems. Sorry I can't get by more often this month.


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