Poetry Month: Spring Promise 11 of 30

It's here!  It's National Poetry Month!  I'll hoping to write a poem every day this month.  I've decided to keep it simple this year.  I'm going to write about whatever strikes me each day.  I suppose it will be like a rollercoaster ride of poetry.  You'll never be quite sure what you're in for from day to day.

Today's inspiration:  arrival of our daffodils...the start of the spring parade of color


  1. Daffodils are my favorite, favorite flower! They bloomed in Colorado, and then have been covered in a blanket of snow twice in the last three days. I'm hoping that "Earth's palette parade" will bloom again as it warms up this week.

  2. Love that 'palette parade'. Sadly our few that were blooming are now gone, blasted by the recent snow. But more will come!

  3. Ours bloomed several weeks ago and then this past week . . . one late bloomer. So grateful for his cheery face after all the others are gone. Palette parade, love this phrase!


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