Poetry Month: Possum Paradise 15 of 30

It's here!  It's National Poetry Month!  I'll hoping to write a poem every day this month.  I've decided to keep it simple this year.  I'm going to write about whatever strikes me each day.  I suppose it will be like a rollercoaster ride of poetry.  You'll never be quite sure what you're in for from day to day.

Today's inspiration:  our backyard opossum who seems to move from one home to another (okay, maybe there's an extended opossum family in my yard, but that's a different poem) 

Possum Paradise

I'm living the life,
just so you know.
With a home for the spring
and a home for the snow.

An abandoned nest tucked
underneath of the shed:
the perfect location
for my warm cozy bed.

When winter gets icy
I've another fine place,
just under the house,
once a deserted space.

When the days fill with sunshine,
it's off to the wild,
to my retreat in the woods
where the sticks I have piled.

I've got a waterside view
when the rain comes in spring.
In summer the garden
is my favorite thing.

With ticks from tall grass,
bird feeders with seed,
frogs in the puddles,
I've got all I need.

Most possums have one home,
but I've quite a few:
a possum paradise
with a beautiful view.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2019


  1. I think this might turn into a wonderful picture book, Cathy. It's a darling story. With a bit more science (in the book), it will be such fun. I'm already seeing the illustrations!


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