Poetry Month: Evening Walk 2 of 30

It's here!  It's National Poetry Month!  I'll hoping to write a poem every day this month.  I've decided to keep it simple this year.  I'm going to write about whatever strikes me each day.  I suppose it will be like a rollercoaster ride of poetry.  You'll never be quite sure what you're in for from day to day.

Today's inspiration: an evening walk

The sun shines
its evening light,
dancing in skies
of blue.

The grass,
once brown,
begins to show signs
of green.

The ground,
once empty,
now popping with hints
of daffodils.

The air,
no longer cold,
invites everyone out
for the evening.

The stream,
no longer frozen,
gurgles and sings
of spring.

an evening walk.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2019


  1. Star and I have been walking all winter, but it's so much more pleasant, with the sights and sounds and smells of spring. I love the ground "popping with hints of daffodils." One of my favorite parts of spring!

  2. Exactly the time when spring "invites everyone out
    for the evening." More and more people stroll by. Perhaps DST is not so bad after all?


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