Poetry Month: Don't Be a Fool 1 of 30

It's here!  It's National Poetry Month!  I'll hoping to write a poem every day this month.  I've decided to keep it simple this year.  I'm going to write about whatever strikes me each day.  I suppose it will be like a rollercoaster ride of poetry.  You'll never be quite sure what you're in for from day to day.

Today's inspiration comes from Mother Nature --- and the calendar.

Each spring
Mother Nature plays a cruel joke
on duck pairs passing through.
She sends buckets of rain
from the sky 
the backyard fills 
with water unable to escape.
In the evening sun,
it looks like a small pond;
perfect for 
a quiet summer home,
finding food,
raising a duck family.
Duck pairs stop, 
sure they've found the home
for them.
Unaware that the water 
isn't here to stay. 
It's Mother Nature's 
April Fool.  

Cathy L. Mere, 2019


  1. Cathy- So, so glad to see you writing! I missed your slices and my writing community in March. And I love your April Fools' poem! I could see why the ducks would think it was a pond, it definitely looks like one. And then just when they get all settled....

  2. I just read your comment on my post, Cathy, didn't realize you were writing this month, will look for you! This is both wonderful and sad, too. Those poor ducks, only wanting a home to raise a family! Your picture is wonderful & it does look like a pond!

  3. I'm glad you came and commented...I didn't realizing you were writing a poem a day again this year!

    Joke's on all of us with the unreal amount of rain we've had...and more to come tomorrow...


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