Poetry: 30 of 30!!!!!

National Poetry Month:  30 of 30!

Pardon me while I shout, "WOOO HOOOO!"

Well I started writing each day on March 1st with the Slice of Life Challenge and then followed it for the month of April with a poem each day.  Thanks to those of you have stopped by to cheer me on and my apologies for some of the posts that --- well --- shouldn't have been posted.  However, I did manage to post every day for 61 days.  

For the finale I am joining the #chalkabration hosted by Betsy at Teaching Young Writers.  My class also wrote chalk poems today that I will post this week on our class blog.  Thanks, Betsy, for energizing poetry for us!  

captures moments
that wash away
captures words
that always stay

© Cathy L. Mere


  1. You did it! A BIG Wooo-hooo to you! Amazed by your drive, strength to hang in there and tenacity to write for 61 days! The habit is formed. . . the big question is -- will you write again tomorrow?!?

    Love this poem for chalkabration - combining the idea of chalk and poetry. A perfect explanation of the two!

  2. The contrast really works!

  3. WOOHOO indeed! Congratulations! Sixty-one days in a row! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! And I love your chalk poem! Poetry really does capture words that always stay!

  4. This is a beauty of a poem. I love how you swirled in chalk to your words. Also, so glad you joined today. Can't wait to see your students work.

  5. My hat's off to you! I was exhausted after March, but then the extra pressure of putting your writing into a poem, wow! I love your chalk poem. It is so true, the words of poems stay.

  6. Glad you made it Cathy. You have such a gift with words.

  7. Congratulations! What an accomplishment - loved your poem, too!

  8. Congratulations, Cathy! I only missed 3 days with my family emergency, but it was certainly a wonderful month of first slicing, then Poetry month. I love your poem, just right for this ending!

  9. Way to go Cath! Woo hoo! Woot woot! Love how you captured the melody of chalking and poetry at the same time! The poem nicely compliments how poetry stays forever! Congrats on your accomplishment!

  10. Lovelovelovelove ... the poem...the 61 days of posting...YOU!

  11. PERFECT!!

    Congrats on another month of poetry writing! WOOT!!

  12. Wow! That's alotta days, Cathy. Nice, nice work capturing the way poetry emerges out of the ordinary to become...extraordinary.

    I've never tried something like this before. If it moves you, write sometime about what this 61 days taught you. I'm sure it must have been a tremendous amount.


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