12 of 30: The Elusive Quest

National Poetry Month:  30 Day Challenge (Day 12 of 30)

It's Poetry Friday.  Today's event is hosted at Random Noodling.  Be sure to stop by for more poetry.

Seesaw by aarchiba
via WikiMedia Commons
As a child I remember
balancing on the teeter-totter
with friends on the playground,
up and down we'd go,
if your friend jumped off
while your feet dangled in the air
you came crashing to the ground.

Life is the perpetual quest
for balance,
perhaps impossible to find.

We try
to eat a balanced diet,
find a balance in our exercise routine.

We hope
to balance
our work and our family,
our reading,
our worlds.

We search
for ways to
be everywhere,
do everything.

But I wonder,
is balance really what we need?
Weren't the best accomplishments
when you were out of balance a bit,
when you put everything
into something,
landed on the ground,
got back up to ride again?

© Cathy L. Mere

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  1. I agree with Diane, your question is good, & hopeful for not always doing the 'right' thing. I like the way you led us through this story, Cathy, that you showed the thinking.

  2. Cathy- Wow! Big truth here! Like Diane and Linda, I love, love love the last stanza! Especially love that you included the word "laughed." Perfect!

  3. As one who is etenally searching for balance I love this new perspective! Now you've got me thinking...


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