1 of 30: The Long Road Home

I enjoyed the month of March writing with the Slice of Life Challenge community.  Since I have established a better writing habit through the challenge, I want to keep it going.  I noticed Mary Lee at A Year of Reading talking about writing poetry for the month of April since it is National Poetry Month.  It sounded like the perfect way to keep the momentum going so I thought I'd join her.  

The Long Road Home
Sadly I say goodbye.
I drive the long
Curvy roads
Over hills
Around mountains
Across bridges.

I drive for what seems
Like days
Though it is not.
Passing small towns.
Slipping through
The lives of others.
Wondering what stories
Live in these places.

Finally I arrive home.
To the door 
I have passed through
Many times.
Where the dog sits
Wagging her tail to greet me.

Into the kitchen,
Where the spaghetti
From last week,
Still sits in the refrigerator.
Though the smell of it cooking
Is long gone.

Where the couch
Tempts me to sit for awhile.
Where the patio chairs
Wait for me to join them.
Where the cat rests lazily
In the sun.  

No matter
Where I have been.
How much fun
I have been having.
It always feels good
To finally

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. Happy April 1st!

    Maybe writing is another way of coming home?

    It will be fun to have a poetry partner this month!

    1. "Maybe writing is another way of coming home?" <--- Love it! This is going to be fun.

  2. This is wonderful. You captured home perfectly. I chuckled a bit at the line about the spaghetti--but in its own way, it was beautiful. You are crazy? brave? insane? to go into another writing challenge . But go for it! I'll be reading!

  3. Ah, home. Home is sometimes the best place to be, especially after a long trip away. I agree with Deb that you may just be a little crazy or brave to try another challenge! I'll root you on!

  4. Deb & Michelle,
    I am likely just plain crazy!


  5. I will be reading you & Mary Lee. I too am writing a poem a day Cathy, along with Donna at Mainely Write. We did it last year & it was lots of fun. A little shorter reading than the slices! I love your poem, really seems like a metaphor for being so immersed in the SOLC that you weren't 'home' most of the time, hence the old spaghetti. I like that next to last verse, tempting things! I am readying to return after spring break, so am busy again. Cheers for April!


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