5 of 30: Spring Parade

"Poems arrive.  They hide in feelings and images, in weeds and delivery vans, daring us to notice and give them form with our words."  Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge, Poemcrazy  I found this poem in our flowerbeds.  

Spring Parade
The purple crocus 
Leads the promenade,
With its thin blades of green
Accented by violet blooms.

Next the daffodil marches,
With it's flower bouncing,
Like miniature suns
In the morning breeze.

The weeping cherry
Dances along the streets.
It's plentiful pink blossoms
Catching the attention of all.

Delicate hyacinths,
Tiny pedals intertwined,
Quietly float by
To catch our attention.  

The tulips follow right behind 
With their uniforms of many colors
They stroll with grace
To awe the crowds.

The parade of flowers,

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. The metaphor is lovely & I am enjoying my drive to work each day looking at all these, and more-a real parade of color. I especially like "the weeping cherry/dances along the streets", Cathy. You wouldn't have found it if you hadn't been looking!

  2. A picture perfect poem to share with my sixth graders! This spring parade is perfect for showing them personification in action.

  3. I am in the mood for a long drive in the country after reading your poem.

  4. Ah, a parade! I love it! Great job bringing the flowers to life and capturing the beauty of spring flowers.

  5. I LOVE the spring parade! I LOVE watching for the next "float!"

    As A.E. Houseman said, "And since to look at things in bloom/Fifty springs is little room/About the woodland I will go/To see the cherry hung with snow."

    It never gets old...


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