7 of 30: Night Reflections

This evening as I looked out my front door I noticed the moon resting on the branches of our front yard tree.   It rested there for quite some time as if unsure whether to stay or to continue.  If, like me, you find the full moon interesting you might want to stop by Mary Ann Reilly's Portfolio:  The Moon and Night.  

"Celebrate the ordinary, the obvious, the things that surround us."  Donald M. Murray, Crafting a Life in Essay, Story, Poem

Night Reflections
The moon settles
on the shadowed branches
of the maple tree.

Trying to decide
whether to continue to climb
or to stay and rest a little longer.

it decides to rise to its place
in the quiet night sky.

There it shines brightly
reflecting the light from the sun
illuminating the night.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012


  1. Wow, Cathy, those photos in your link are marvelous! As you know from my post, I love poems & writing about the moon, & now I find yours! It was beautiful last night wasn't it? Do you know the book Moon Journals? I have done this unit with my students several different years & had a wonderful time with it, writing, art, science-couldn't be better! I love the way you wrote the moon as taking its time on the branch of the tree, then "Finally, it decides to rise to its place/in the quiet night sky." Thanks!

  2. This is a dear moon...such lovely imagery. We are all connected during full moons...aren't we? Hope ate a pb egg & thought of you today!! a.


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