Slice of Life: Survival Skills?

Ahhhhh, fall. Jacket weather. Sweaters. Cool evenings. Beautiful colors. Bonfires. Candy corn and peanuts. Apples, squash, pumpkins. There's so much to love. 

Grabbing my iPad, I headed out to the patio to read. The evening was perfect with a slight coolness in the air. The sun set over the field behind us coloring the sky in subtle pink, purple and yellow. Leaves of gold and red beginning to the pepper the green trees that surround our patio. The buzzing of insects finally quieted by the colder nights. Perfection!

Though I came out to read, it wasn't long until the crisp fall feel got the better of me. I decided a bonfire was exactly what the moment needed. I walked to the woodpile and gathered a few logs that looked easy to get started burning, a few small sticks, and anything that looked like it might ignite. Piling it all into the bonfire pit, I tried to get the fire started.

I tried.

And tried.

And triiiiieeeeed. 

I was trying to devise a better plan - and lamenting the fact that I purchased the digital copy of our local paper - when my husband pulled up a chair on the patio. 

"I didn't do well as I boyscout," I joked as he settled into his seat. 

He patiently watched me try to get the fire going. 

"You need some smaller sticks," he kindly suggested. 

Personally, I was about done with trying to start this fire. I was making a mental note to add cheater fire starters to my next grocery list, when he decided he was going to give it a try.

Out into the yard, he wandered returning with some dead ornamental grass, a handful of pine needles and several small sticks. He went to work. 

The fire began to look promising. I watched comfortably from my chair. 

"I hope if I ever get lost in the forest, I'm with you," I quipped grabbing my phone to add fire starters to my list so I was ready to survive patio life in the future.

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  1. I chuckled when I read this... You definitely have some of my genes!!!! So frustrating!!


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