Slice of Life: J Lo Probably Doesn't Eat Chips

As evening set, I found myself grabbing the bag of chips. Yes, this move always puts me in red alert, but I never seem to be able to stop myself. Could I grab a few chips and walk away? You'd think. Could I put them in a bowl to monitor my portion? Perhaps. Instead, however, I grab the bag. 

As I sat down with the chip bag knowing the direction this would go, I had to shake my head. I'll bet J.Lo doesn't eat chips, I thought to myself. I'll bet she doesn't grab that Ben & Jerry's pint from the freezer. I'll bet she makes much better life choices. 

Women over fifty inspire me. It seems 50 might be the sweet spot of time and wisdom for many. After years of dedication to their career path many find their way to reach their goals. Some after years of working hard, find their way to higher places and achieve their greatest success in this stage of life. Some, after raising families, decide it's time to follow a dream. Some just decide it's time for a new path.

There are so many women over 50 to admire: Kamala Harris now Vice President, Connie Schultz writer, Dolly Parton always finding ways to meet the times, and so many more women who lead, innovate, and inspire. I'm in awe of them all. 

There's something to be said about becoming your best self later in life. There's something to be celebrated in finally achieving the goals set. There's something to be said about those who find the chutzpah to close a door and then open a brand new one. 

I'll probably never give up chips (that's why I try not to buy them), but I'm grateful to the many woman over 50 who remind me there's a lot of new road ahead. 

It's Tuesday. Today I join the Two Writing Teachers Community to share a little slice of life. Stop by today's Two Writing Teachers post to join the conversation or enjoy a little snapshot of life. 


  1. Sigh- the struggle is real! As someone nudging toward 60 (at 58) I am glad to hear of all the 50+ inspirations.

  2. Love this! I'm in my early 40's but love the idea that the best could be yet to come. Your title was so funny- it brought me right here to your post!

  3. Chips are always tasty 😋. A packet of chips and a book.

  4. Very well stated and by the way I like your choice of chips!!


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