Everyone Needs a Little Passion Planning

The news is out. The new 2022 Passion Planners are available. I'm pretty psyched about the whole thing. 

You might be asking yourself, "Why does she need a planner now that she's retired?" That's a terrific question. The answer is...I have passions to plan. 

I started using the Passion Planner several years ago after a friend recommended it. I fell in love quickly with it! It really kept me organized. At the time, I used the large academic year planner. I loved the big pages, the month-at-a-glance view, the weekly layouts with times, and the ability to list big personal and professional to-dos for each week. (There was a short time they quit selling the large planners and I thought I might not live. Thankfully, that didn't last long.) In the years I used the planner, I never looked back. I loved everything about it. 

Then, in the spring, I retired from teaching. Strangely - and even to my own surprise - the first thing I did was buy a new planner. I moved from the large Passion Planner to the small one as it fits so nicely into bags and small spaces. I gave up my academic year calendar life for a new annual calendar. 

There's so much to love about a planner no matter where you are in life. Personally, I still love the monthly at-a-glance view, the weekly layouts with times, and the ability to list my to-dos for the week. Interestingly, however, I now use parts of the calendar I had previously ignored. Somehow it's now easier to set three month, one year, and long term goals. It seems these days my personal to-do side is much more extensive than my work to-do lists. I find I have a lot more time to consider infinite possibility and am more inclined to use the reflection spaces. Who knew?

Yep. I'm retired. It seems retirement is the perfect time for a little planning. What better to plan than new passions? Thanks, Passion Planner. 

Off to order....

It's Tuesday. Today I join the Two Writing Teachers Community to share a little slice of life. Stop by today's Two Writing Teachers post to join the conversation or enjoy a little snapshot of life. 


  1. I love my Passion Planner! I just moved to the digital version. I look forward to the day when I can retire and use mine to plan for new passions!

  2. I wish I would have used more "planning" in my life, but I'm now at the place where I take each day as it comes! I love that you are doing this "passion" planning and think of all the wonderful things you will fill these pages with! What an adventure!!

  3. I used to use a planner when working. I definitely needed it but now I refer to my calendar on the iPhone and my computer. I do like the look of your blue planner and the convenience of handing it on hand but I am constantly misplacing items in my new home. I guess I need more time trying to sort through what works best. Happy Fall. I hope your calendar is filled with autumn events.

  4. I read this post yesterday and was intrigued. So I left the tab open so I could come back to it and check out the passion planner. I've used Day Designer for several years. Last year, they took out the inside pocket which I really missed. It's back this year! I buy the academic year calendars because it seems like my new year always begins in September, even though I've been retired for seven years! (How's that even possible?)
    I recently started using my planner more, putting my to-do list in it instead of on sticky notes (that I always misplace). I also like the top three feature at the beginning of each week. Enjoy exploring your passions!

  5. Passion Planners have been in my side view for awhile...I've gone from self-printed pages, to erin condren, and now Plum Paper planners (already have my 2022 one!). I indulged in the Cultivate What Matters goal setting bundle and am excitedly awaiting its arrival...I am excited to think that I will make even better use of these tools in retirement, in eight years or so!


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