Poetry Friday: You

search for yourself
in places near
and far
in crowded buildings
in rooms filled with noise

wander untouched paths 
long ago overgrown
hoping to find
whatever it is
that must be missing

look into the eyes of others
strangers passing by
friends who come and go
for approval
for answers

chase dreams yet unnamed
in unwelcoming directions 
hoping to find 
the place where you fit
to discover who you are

change direction over and over
seeking approval of a society
that pays sport figures more than doctors
paints reality on television in amplified chaos
that has lost sight of what's important

with a heart of gold
with eyes still fresh to the world
need not look in other places
for all that you are
you don't belong in a world that changes you

just need to look
deep inside yourself
to discover the bright light
already there
perfectly as you are 

© Cathy L. Mere, 2015 

It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by A Year of Reading as Mary Lee hosts today's parade of wondrous words.


  1. Not sure what inspired you to write this, Cathy, but this is exactly the advice I'd like to give my children.

  2. I agree with Michelle-- a perfect love letter to someone. It needs to be framed and hung on someone's wall, as a reminder to read every day.

  3. This needs to be a picture book!

  4. So true.... Why does it take us so long to realize this..


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