Slice of Life: Pelican Haiku

This is the best pelican picture I've managed.
If you could see how close they come to
where I am sitting, you'd know I have more
work to do to capture the perfect picture.
While on vacation I've become a bit obsessed with pelicans.  Every evening they fly by our balcony in groups.  I don't really see them coming until they are there in lined formation.  They float by one after another as they follow their regular path down the coast.  Each day I've tried to capture a picture of them as they fly close to our balcony, but I'm never fast enough.  The rest of my family thinks I have gone crazy.  The people on the beach completely ignore them as they fly in formation in search of food.  I can't ignore them as I find them absolutely fascinating.  I've done a bit of research and was surprised to find they were quite endangered from the 1950s through the 1970s.  They appear to be thriving now.  I was also surprised to learn they live to nearly 25 years.  Tonight's slice of poetry was inspired by observing them as they fly along the water in search of food.  Here are a few haikus about these observations.

the brown pelican,
wings outstretched against blue sky,
soars along the coast.

they appear in line
wings outstretched in evening wind:
pelican parade.

pelicans hover
above roaring waves of white,
then dive for dinner.

Today I am joining the Slice of Life Challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.  Stop by today's link up and join the conversation.  


  1. I love how you notice everything around you!
    I enjoyed learning more about pelicans from reading your post and haikus.

  2. You amaze me with your fascination with birds!!!! Pelicans, blue herons... It goes on and on.. I think they remind you of the free spirit that lies within you!!


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